Christian Television Association

About CTA

We believe the good news about Jesus is a message the world needs to hear. CTA’s aim is to present that message in a manner that is clear, appropriate, effective and engaging. Learn More >

CTA – Our Mission

Our mission is two-fold:

  • To communicate the reality of Christ in a manner that is relevant to people today.

    CTA produces a wide variety of programmes designed for audiences of all ages, and at all levels of interest in Christianity. Many of our documentaries and features are ideal for showing to people who have little or no experience of faith. Our aim is to present Christianity in a way that is culturally appropriate.

    Other programmes are designed to stimulate and encourage Christians in their walk with God and cover subjects including pure Bible Study, coping with clinical depression, facing retirement, Science and Christianity and also light hearted subjects which will put a smile on your face.?You can see the full range of titles in our on-line shop.
  • To provide a ‘concept to screen’ production service for Christian organisations.

    CTA has filmed in over 50 countries as well as throughout the UK producing promotional and documentary programmes for a large number of Christian organisations. We aim to provide a standard of service at least as good as contemporary broadcasting, and use mostly BBC or broadcast trained personnel

    If you are interested in CTA helping you with your next project, contact CTA’s Director of Programmes Crawford Telfer on 01275 879745 or crawford@cta.uk.com