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Macedonian Call

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

While Africa, South America and China enjoy growing churches - Europe has become the new 'dark continent'. That's why Echoes of Service has commissioned a new millennium video highlighting the work of Brethren missionaries in Denmark, Italy, Spain and Albania. Perhaps Albania is the most dramatic example of a country in the throes of change. Who'd have dared dream that the most aggressively atheistic communist country in the world would be embracing Christianity in an amazing way.

Director/Cameraman Crawford Telfer and Producer Clive Langmead were gobsmacked to discover Christian radio stations and a TV station desperate to have Christian programmes for broadcasting.The freedom to spread the gospel via the media in Albania is in sharp contrast to the tight restrictions on Christian broadcasting in the UK.

CTA programmes for Albania

The CTA is trying to arrange for some of its programmes to be translated so they can be seen by Albanians hungry for God after years of religious intolerance even more extreme than that in Russia just a few years ago.

For most of the population who are under 30, the future looks bleak. But the 80% unemployment, anarchy on the streets, and internal instability, may present Albanian Christians with an unprecedented opportunity to tell their compatriots about the Prince of Peace.

Certainly - from what our crew saw - it's an opportunity they are grasping with impressive energy.