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'CH Spurgeon, The People's Preacher' screening

Posted on 07 Apr 2010 by .

A screening of our latest award-winning drama documentary ‘CH Spurgeon, The People’s Preacher’ supported by ‘Robber of the Cruel Streets – The Story of George Muller’, will take place on Monday 26th April 2010 at 7.30 pm at the Colston Hall, Bristol.

‘CH Spurgeon, The People’s Preacher’
(Main Feature 70 mins)

It’s a story straight out of the 21st century. An innocent country lad from the fens goes to London. He has the ‘X’ factor and quickly finds romance and becomes a celebrity. He earns the love and respect of a nation as one of its most influential figures. But he has strong principles which run against the culture of the times. In standing up for them he becomes isolated and ridiculed by the media – and broken hearted.

Who is he? A preacher! But not just any preacher. By the age of 20 he was preaching to 6,500 people every Sunday in London’s biggest church. He was the “Peoples’ Preacher” - the most famous preacher of the Victorian era, whose writings continue to be published and read today around the world. Charles Haddon Spurgeon is his name. The story of his brief life is nothing short of inspiring.


'Robber of the Cruel Streets'
(Supporting Feature 50 mins)

He began life as a thief, a cheat and a drunkard. Today, 160 years later, he is remembered as the man who raised, in today’s money, a staggering one hundred million pounds and used it to provide homes and welfare for 120,000 orphans he ‘robbed’ from Bristol’s cruel streets. This he did without making any appeals or using fundraising techniques, but simply by prayer. George Muller was a 19th century pioneer who took God at his word. The work he began continues today, centred in Bristol. His message is still as powerful and as relevant now as it was two centuries ago; that God can be trusted.

TICKETS £8, £6 concessions for OAPs and children.
Book on line at www.colstonhall.org

Monday 26th April 2010, 19:30
Colston Hall,
Colston Street,