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A Busy Summer ahead!

Posted on 15 Jun 2010 by .

Can we trust the Bible?
"..It's a book of 'myths', it's full of contradictions, it's irrelevant, it cannot be trusted..."
Just a few comments from the man in the street. Yet there is far more compelling evidence of the trustworthiness of the Bible than there is for the writings of Plato, Aristotle, Caesar and even Shakespeare. It's the book people love to hate, yet it is the world's best selling book of all time.

History has shown its message has the power to transform peoples and nations, including Great Britain. 400 years ago, the first English version was printed and avidly read. Today - practically no-one reads it. It is the most neglected treasure of our time.

We aim to produce a pacey, 20 minute presentation designed to stimulate interest in getting back to the Bible and its message. Its short length is designed to maximise its appeal for use in schools, groups, and as an evangelical resource.

Christianity under attack
Well known atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens are spearheading it with their avidly read books and newspaper columns. Their arguments and conclusions - God is a myth, are seductive . Many Christians feel inadequate against such apparently intellectual and academic reasoning. What is needed is an equally intellectual and academic riposte.

The CTA is proposing just such a response in the form of a series of eight 15 to 20 minute discussion pro-grammes featuring Alister McGrath, Keith Ward and John Lennox. They are all academic giants who are more than able to handle current atheistic thought.

The series will be filmed in Oxford University, and each programme will cover a specific topic.