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Friends on the Out

Posted on 15 Jun 2010 by .
Hilary Field, Project Manager, Friends On The Out

Did you know that 80% of young offenders are back in prison within three years? However if they can receive 'mentoring' it drops to 50%. 'Prodigal Son Ministries' is a Bristol based charity working with young male offenders, and providing them with just such a mentoring programme. It's called 'Friends on the Out'. CTA has been commissioned by their Project Manager, Hilary Field (pictured right), to produce a promotional DVD about its work. It's aim is to raise awareness, and support for a much needed work. Filming took place in South Wales, Bristol and Portsmouth, following volunteer mentors as they met with their 'mentees' - all young lads recently released from prison.

Often all these lads need is someone to show some practical care and concern - many of them have been neglected as children, or even abused. 'Friends on the Out' is always looking for volunteers who are prepared to spend only an hour each week for up to a year, with a young lad. Sometimes they just need someone to talk to, or help with filling application forms, finding a job or training scheme. Prodigal Son Ministries is a Christian Charity, and where interest is shown in the faith, they are able to help them find a supporting church.

If you'd like a DVD, please contact 'Friends on the Out' directly. Their email address is: info@prodigalson.org.uk