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The People’s Preacher in Korea

Posted on 16 Jun 2010 by .

We're delighted to report on Korea as the latest country to take the story of Charles Spurgeon “The People‟s Preacher”.


A relatively new, but very timely, relationship has developed between ourselves and CGNTV (Christian Global Network Television). Based in Seoul CGNTV was established in March 2005. Using 5 satellites and 8 beams around the world, they broadcast a variety of programmes 24 hours a day.

A Japanese CGNTV was founded in October 2006 and broadcasts programmes in Japanese 24 hours a day. Their offices are located in Tokyo and Osaka, and they currently work with Japan‟s representative Christian associations and about 400 Japanese churches. Their Chinese CGNTV opened in January 2008, followed by provisional broadcasts for almost one year. Now they broadcast throughout China‟s coastal areas and even to Taiwan in Chinese 24 hours a day. “The People‟s Preacher” will be subtitled into Korean, Japanese and Chinese and broadcast across their whole network.

Shalom from Seoul, Korea!

Jinny Kim

I am very pleased to write this on behalf of CGN TV's whole staff. I want to thank God for letting us to cooperate with CTA in spreading God's Gospel! We came to know CTA by searching for productions having great Christian documentary. From last year we've been broadcasting CTA's programmes like 'So, Who is this Jesus?', 'Robber of the Cruel Streets', 'The incomparable Christ by John Stott' and 'Open Home Open Bible', with Korean subtitles.

We've been hearing many testimonies and feedback from our viewers telling how much their life has changed after watching CTA's touching programmes. We keep praying for God to bless CTA richly, so that we can honorably deliver the fulfilled programmes.

Jinny Kim

Please pray for our Partners in Korea in the testing times in which they find their country.