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New CTA DVD’s Now Available

Posted on 05 Apr 2011 by .

Growing Together with C H Spurgeon “The People’s Preacher”
- 4 Session small group DVD

Growing TogetherThis 90 minute DVD includes the drama documentary in its entirety, divided into four approx. 20 minute sessions.

Rev Dr Peter Morden introduces and closes each session adding biographical details to the film as he takes us to sites related to Spurgeon‘s life and career.

This pack contains one study guide, including personal journal, with discussion starters, additional notes and suggested prayers to help you reflect and act on Spurgeon‘s example and the lessons he learned as he served the Lord. (One study guide recommended for each group participant.)

Growing together Pack price £18.99
- additional study guides £2.50 each.

"The People‘s Preacher" DVD—(Normal Price £15.99)
- Special Offer £10.00

Illustrated Book Only £9.99( +p&p)

Philosophy, Science and the God Debate

Philosophy, Science and the God DebateIn this series of discussions, eminent professors discuss a range of relevant subjects in 8 twenty minute programmes. Subjects include the following:

  • Evidence, Faith and Knowledge
  • The relationship between science and religion
  • Exclusivism and Relativism
  • Worldviews
  • Design—a biological reflection and a cosmological reflection
  • The reasonable inference of faith
DVD now available £14.95

Yorkshire Pudding with Adrian Plass

Adrian Plass Yorkshire PuddingYorkshire Pudding is a collection of short films that can act as thought starters for Church Services, Group Bible Studies or discussions on a wide range of topics. These short films are designed to get to the point in a humourous and heartfelt way. YORKSHIRE PUDDING will definitely add flavour to your services, Bible studies or meetings.

DVD now available price £7.99

More CTA DVDs are available from our online Shop… www.cta.uk.com


Our policy is to make DVDs available at as low a cost as possible. Being a small charity it’s not possible to compete with commercial prices which benefit from economies of mass production.

However, we have made the decision rather than increasing our prices with the increase in VAT we have reduced them in order to encourage supporters to purchase DVDs for use in outreach and ministry.

We hope you will be able to make use of this facility, and importantly, encourage the use of DVDs for outreach, teaching and encouragement to the Church.

If you prefer you can order by phone and receive the same discounted pricesOrder line 01275 879745