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Just a Thought……

Posted on 05 Apr 2011 by .

Just A ThoughtOne of our members, Cynthia Huddleston (known as 'Ben'), has been involved with CTA for many years along with her husband Richard. Some will remember them going to work with MAF in 1997. Now back in this country, Ben has turned her hand to writing based on her experiences and studies of the Bible. She and Richard were students at Capernwray Bible School in Lancashire.

So far Ben has produced three booklets, with more on the way, containing thoughts for each day of the month. The first is an 'assortment' of thoughts based on the names of old fashioned sweets. The second are thoughts relevant to us all on various topics. Designed to encourage, challenge and make you smile. The latest is aimed at non-Christians. Entitled 'Food for Thought' it‘s exactly that, to give to non-believing friends and family. Ben HuddlestoneEach thought is accompanied by a relevant verse from the Bible. They are ideal for personal use, to give as simple gifts to encourage without causing offence, or to keep with you to give to anyone in a time of need or opportunity.

To support CTA, Ben is kindly offering to donate 50p from each copy sold through CTA News. They retail for £1.50 each and can be ordered through the CTA office.

Our thanks to Ben for this very kind offer, if you would like more information visit her web site at