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Growing Together With The People's Preacher

Posted on 05 Apr 2011 by .

New small group study resource

CTA has produced a new four part study resource based on our award winning docudrama on the life of C H Spurgeon-The People‘s Preacher

Growing Together.jpgThe accompanying study guide is written by Rev Dr Peter Morden, who also presents the DVD Study version. Peter is tutor in church history and spirituality at Spurgeon‘s College, London. He says, "..my conviction is that Spurgeon‘s story does help us to live for Jesus today! Indeed, it has tremendous potential to inspire, inform and shape our Christian discipleship in the twenty- first century. There is much to help us nurture our relationship with God, much that we can glean about being the Church together, and much that we can discover about evangelism and social action. And we not only learn about our Christian lives with the help of Spurgeon. We learn about God Himself and His power. God works through frail and fallible people who nevertheless seek to love and serve their Lord wholeheartedly."

Our times may be different from Spurgeon‘s, but Jesus is the same 'yesterday and today and for ever' (Heb.13:8). May we faithfully live and tell the gospel in our own generation, as Spurgeon did so faithfully in his. And may we also know the truth that Spurgeon discovered: that God‘s power is 'made perfect in [our] weakness‘ (2 Cor. 12:9)