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"Hasn’t Science disproved Christianity?"

Posted on 07 Apr 2011 by .

Recently I attended an anniversary reunion of BBC colleagues – most of whom I hadn‘t seen for forty years. One of them came up to me and asked – 'do you still believe all that religious stuff?'. When I told him I surely did, his response was 'but science has disproved Christianity'. Thanks to certain prominent scientists, and a media sympathetic with their views, that is now the com-mon assumption of the 'man in the street'.

A few weeks after my encounter at the reunion, CTA was contacted by Chris Jervis, an Oxford graduate and teacher of religious studies at Canford School in Dorset. 'Would CTA be interested in a series of discussion programmes on the theme of Philosophy, Science and the God Debate?' Chris added that he knew several prominent Oxford Professors who would be perfect for the series. When he mentioned they were Alister McGrath (The Dawkins Delusion), John Lennox and Keith Ward – we felt 'we have to do this'. All three are prominent exponents of the Christian faith and have written numerous books and are much in demand as speakers.

Thanks to Chris‘ sterling efforts, financial partnership with the Nationwide Christian Trust, and a lot of enthusiasm, we have produced a series of eight 20 minute discussion programmes opening the whole theme of Philosophy, Science and the God Debate. A special introductory programme sets the scene and provides invaluable background information and interviews with the three participants – two of whom were atheists until their science and philosophy studies opened their minds to the reality of God‘s existence.

The series is perfect for home groups, or for individual study – and though intellectual and academic in nature, it‘s not so 'above our heads' that most people will find it too heavy. If the reaction of the crew during the filming is anything to go by – it‘s riveting stuff, presented as simply as possible.

The Nationwide Christian Trust kindly sponsored the production, which launched in February 2011. CTA is delighted to have the opportunity to produce what we believe is a timely and invaluable resource which will encourage the faith of believers, and challenge those of no faith.
Crawford Telfer - Director of Programmes

Philosophy, Science and the God Debate featuring -

Alister McGrathAlister McGrath
is one of the world‘s leading Christian theologians. He was Professor of Historical Theology at Oxford University for many years before taking up a new chair at King‘s College, London. McGrath is a former atheist with a special interest in the relation between science and faith. He also holds a doctorate in experimental molecular biology.

Keith WardKeith Ward
is a Research Fellow in philosophy at Heythrop College, London. He taught philosophy in the University of Glasgow, St. Andrew‘s, Cambridge and London, where he was the Professor of the Philosophy of Religion. He was on the Council of the Royal Institute of Philosophy and is a former Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford. Professor Ward is a Fellow of the British Academy.

John LennoxJohn Lennox
is Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University and Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science at Green Templeton College, Oxford. His interests include the interface of science, philosophy and theology; topics he explores in his latest book "God‘s Undertaker, Has Science Buried God?" In the past three years Professor Lennox has also debated a number of the world‘s leading atheists, including Richard Dawkins.