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CTA wins another top award

Posted on 07 Apr 2011 by .

Peoples PreacherSince going to press with our Newsletter, we have heard that CTA has won another award for “CH Spurgeon—The People’s Preacher”. It was voted Best Feature Documentary at the Sabaoth International Christian Film Festival in Milan, in March.

It’s a great encouragement to us the receive awards, but most importantly it gives us credibility when seeking distribution—particularly with secular broadcasters.

We want thank you for your support of CTA, without which we would be unable to maintain our ministry.

We know these are tough economic times, and there are many demands on our giving. So we are especially grateful for the support you give to CTA. All donations go towards covering the vital cost of our overheads, enabling us to maintain our ministry while seeking to produce more programmes. Because of the nature of our productions, it is rare that they cover the cost of production. Programmes are given to broadcasters in many needy countries as a ministry, to ensure they reach as wide an audience as possible.

Regular giving enables us to be able to plan and budget our programming more effectively. If you feel led to give to our work on a regular basis a form is enclosed, which also allows you to gift aid your donations if you are a tax payer.

If you make a donation by standing order, as a token of our appreciation, we would like to send you our latest DVD “Philosophy, Science and the God Debate”. We feel it’s ex-tremely important that ordinary believers are reassured about their faith, as well as presenting a response to non-Christians. People need to realise that the Christian faith hasn’t been dam-aged by the ‘New Atheist’ critique and that Christian faith is intellectually robust, it can stand up to these criticisms.

Most importantly, we would ask for your prayers as we seek God for wisdom, guidance and resources, in producing programmes that really make a difference to people’s lives in the un-certain times in which we live.

We give thanks to God for your faithfulness and trust he will bless you abundantly.

In His Grace and service,

Malcolm Turner, Executive Director
Crawford Telfer, Director of Programmes