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"Sell all you have and buy this video"

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Not our words, these were the headlines of a full-page review in Baptist Times and was typical of the response received from the Christian press. As well as the Christian Press we received excellent reviews on ITV's Sunday Programme and Alpha Zone on Channel 5. Local radio around the country picked up on the story as well as Premier Radio in London.

The result is that many people have viewed the programme and are now coming back to order more copies.

"The script is brilliant and cringe free" BT

Already over 6,000 Secondary Schools have received a copy of the video, thanks to the many individual donations we have received. The response from the Schools has been excellent, we are now receiving requests direct from schools for more copies. ~Due to the high production values and excellent discussion material, teachers and pupils alike love it". We are now working on a special version for schools in Ireland.

Churches and Organisations Many Churches are ordering in the hundreds and are using the video as their main tool for Millennium Outreach.

Special Editions have been produced for London and other places. George Hider, Director of Special Projects for London City Mission says `So, who is this Jesus? ' is, in my books, one of the best videos on the market at present and is an excellent evangelism tool. The fact that Russell Boulter is so well known by so many people makes the video very user friendly. Many of LCM's evangelists have been able to pass it on to men and women who would probably never darken the doors of a church.

We are well on our way to using our second 1000 videos, and may need to order more.

Distribution now extends worldwide, from Australia to America and South Africa, dubbed into different languages from Finnish to French as well as Arabic for showing in the Middle East and distribution into Israel.

"Due to the high production values and excellent discussion material teachers and pupils alike love it" JC2000

We are daily amazed at what God is doing with this programme and each day, it seems, we are hearing stories of how the programme is being used.