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Mightier than the Sword

Posted on 06 Dec 2011 by .
Mightier than the Sword

We were settling down for an evening meal the night before our morning departure to Israel. Plans were in place for our shoot and we were ready to go. Then a chime went off in my pocket, an email from Easyjet to say our flight had been delayed 24 hours! We had a morning of calls to Israel to rearrange our schedule, then time to enjoy the delights of Luton.

However, nothing was lost and we came away with all the footage needed for our latest outreach production on the bible ''Mightier than the Sword'' It's aimed at those with no knowledge of the scriptures, apart from maybe decrying them. We hope to have it available early in the New Year, but we need your prayers for post production and as we seek distribution.

As well as footage of the Dead Sea Scrolls from Israel, the documentary will include drama vignettes to illustrate the execution of Tyndale and other scenes.