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Posted on 18 Jan 2013 by .
So Who Is This Jesus

Over 200,000 copies have been distributed in UK alone, as well as its broadcast and DVD outreach in over 40 countries. Now we have produced a "give-away" version* and updated the original “So, who is this Jesus?”

The original production is divided in to six parts, with the gospel unpacked by evangelist Roger Carswell. It's designed to be given away and comes in a simple plastic envelope, so that it can be conveniently slipped into a pocket, inserted with a greeting card, or popped through a letter box.

* Only 70p each when you buy 20 or more. Single copies £1

So Who Is This Jesus


  • The Gospel of Luke, in Contemporary English Version, with chapter and verse removed for ease of reading.
  • Life Stories - new testimonies of different people whose lives have been changed by Jesus.
  • Q&As - Frequently asked questions about Jesus/The Bible/Christianity answered.
Only £1.75 each or £1.25 each for 10

The original award winning DVD is still available, with DVD extras, Arabic and Chinese language tracks for only £8