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Going Strongly for the Summit with John Blanchard

Posted on 18 Jan 2013 by .

Next up in the edit suite is the production featuring John Blanchard. Filmed earlier this year, the programme is scheduled for completion later in the Spring.

This fascinating story traces John’s early years (he was 80 this year) in Guernsey, and his subsequent evacuation to Islay during the German occupation. We retrace his roots and follow John from Guernsey to Islay, and then on to record his ministry as an evangelist and writer. His story takes us to areas of ministry in Albania, the United States as well as around the United Kingdom. Over the years he has gained a world-wide reputation for be-ing one of the foremost Christian apologists of his generation.

We praise God for the way in which the filming has been completed, with lots of excellent material.

Please pray again for the editing, for God’s inspiration in bringing the story together in a way that will bring much Glory to the Lord.