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“Thank God for Football”

Posted on 18 Jan 2013 by CTA.

As we reported in the summer, what an opportunity! With so many ardent followers of the game, not only here but around the world, we have the opportunity to share how many of our top clubs were started by Christians. We have now filmed at all 12 clubs - Liverpool, Everton, Man City, Bolton, Barnsley, Aston Villa, Birmingham City, Southampton, Tottenham, QPR, Fulham and Swindon.

We praise God for the reception we received at the clubs, who gave us access to areas of the stadiums we needed to film, including pitchside. The doors are now open for us to go back to the clubs with the finished programmes. Post production is now in full swing and going well.

Please pray for the editing, for God’s anointing on the finished product. Pray that the mes-sage of Christian faith will come through clearly in the programmes. Pray too for wisdom and discernment concerning the distribution of the programmes once they are ready, that the Lord would open doors to get them before the right audience. This is a major production, and we still need to see finance come in to cover all the costs, please pray for financial provision.