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"Thank God for Football" nominated for Crown Award

Posted on 04 Jun 2014 by Malcolm Turner.

"Thank God for Football" has been nominated for a Crown Award at the Film Festival of the International Christian Visual Media Association, which takes place in Atlanta Georgia, USA, 25-28th June.

The timing is perfect as it comes in the middle of the football World Cup, taking place in Brazil at the same period.  Even the most ardent of football fans are not aware that the English Football league was the first in the world and that nearly a third of the clubs that have played in the English FA Premier league owe their existance to a church.  In this 11 part documentary series, we visit the places where the clubs began over a century ago, and also visit the stadia they occupy today.

Many churches and inviduals are using the opportunity the World Cup's hightened awareness brings, to share the DVD to their congregations and friends.  For more information check out the clips on our showreel and the DVD shop.