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Already over 50,000 out in the UK alone

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

We are thrilled with the take-up of the our video "So who is this Jesus?" - all over the UK with no expensive advertising campaign word has got around by recomendation and excellent editorial in the Christian Press. Were especially pleased that the Churches in our area decided to use the video in outreach. We were able to localise the programme by filming a special introduction using a locally well-known BBC presenter This is something we have done in other areas and are able to do if there is demand for a large quantity of videos. Below is a link to a report from the Nailsea Churches more details are available if anyone would like to hear more of how they set about the task:

...Around the World
The programme is going out far and wide. It's already being distributed in North America, Australia, South Africa the Far East and at the time of going to press many other countries are interested as the programme becomes available in different languages.

The programme has already been dubbed into Mandarin Chinese, by Good TV in Taiwan - who did a superb 'lip sync' job. They broadcast the programme in Taiwan at Christmas and received an excellent response.

The video has also been dubbed into Arabic and will be shown on satellite TV in North Africa, the Middle East and across Europe by Miracle Channel TV. The video will be available for use in the Arab World and for workers amongst Arabic speakers.

Award Winner
In the United States the video won a prestigious silver award at the secular film festival "Worldfest". One critic wrote "The success of the film, in view of the tough competition against big budget extravaganzas, is nothing short of amazing".