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So Who Is This Jesus Video For?

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

As one famous evangelist was noted for saying "There may never be a moment quite like this!" Well, that's exactly what we feel with this programme. The most significant opportunity is the one we have through schools with the JC2000 project. Who knows when another opportunity to tell the story of Jesus to so many children will come round again? - if ever!

But many other opportunities exist, limited only by our vision and imagination. With the Millennium rapidly approaching people are asking "So Who is this Jesus?" - we hope this video will answer the question and much more.

It's ideal to show to unbelieving friends, family, contacts, on a one to one basis or in groups. We are hoping that Churches and Christian Organisations might use it in conjunction with evangelistic campaigns. We are offering the facility for Christian organisations and Churches to have the video `customised' by adding a personalised introduction to the video to make it relevant to their particular activities or location.

We praise God and give Him all the glory for the way resources for producing the programme has come in, just at the right time and just enough finance has been given to us at each stage of production. Only £4,000 of a production budget of £40,000 is required whilst we still need a further £15,000 to cover the cost of distribution to schools.

With most people only knowing Jesus as a swear word, now is the time to make Him known. Please pray for the final piecing together of the video, for the remaining finance that is required and inspiration for ways in which the video can be used.

If you would like more information about the video or would like to support the project then write to us at our freepost address:

CTA, FREEPOST (BS 9420), Wraxall, Bristol, BS48 1ZZ