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An Unexplored Book

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

The world's number one best seller, but still An Unexplored Book

The Bible is God's revelation to men, but it is still an unexplored book to countless millions in spite of the many new translations and paraphrases available. The exciting new Bible Study series "Open Home: Open Bible" is designed to encourage those who sincerely want to explore this revelation for themselves.

CTA has joined together with the writer of the series, Richard Bewes rector of All Souls, Langham Place, London and publisher Robert Hicks, to make these studies available in a form that will introduce many new believers to the thrill of discovering what the Bible says and will bring many older Christians back to the Bible with a renewed vision for its truth.

The series looks in a systematic way at the major areas of truth which convey God's revelation to mankind. These themes are the Bible itself, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, Man, God's Messengers, Salvation, the Christian, the Church and the Last Things. They make up 10 main divisions in the series in all covering 60 studies. We're currently producing discussion starter videos for each of these. Already 36 have been produced and are now available with the hard-back study books. By the autumn the full 60 programmes should be available.

The videos are stimulating and easy to watch. The first four tapes each contain six, 15 minute programmes presented by Richard Bewes who discusses topics with theologian Dr Paul Blackham and a mix of special Guests who include well known author and broadcaster Michelle Guinness, Gottfried Osei-Mensah from Ghana formerly with the Billy Graham Association and now chairman of Africa Enterprise. Australian Marion Byrne works with UCCF amongst students and Ivan Fawzi, from Iraq, teaches theology in London and was a communist working in the media before his conversion.

Sir Cliff Richard

Added to the series are six programmes with Sir Cliff Richard, filmed in his home. Cliff talks to Richard Bewes about the Christian life and Prayer, and drawing on his own experience. Cliff's inspirational single "Millenium Prayer" made number one in the UK and we have been given permission' to use it in an additional video featuring two programmes of Cliff talking on the subject of Prayer.

Joni Eareckson Tada

We were also fortunate in being able to produce a set of five programmes with Joni Eareckson Tada, on a recent brief visit to London. Joni is a well-known author, world-wide speaker and champion of the disabled. Joni's discussion centres on the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

Top: Joni with Richard Bewes and Paul Blackham
Bottom: The crew on location with Sir Cliff Richard