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Staying in Vision

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

CTA is mission with vision - as we've already said - to provide Christians with cringe free programmes which will help them share their faith to others, as well as encouraging them in their own walk with God. (writes Malcolm Turner, CTA's Executive Director) We praise God for the way " So who is this Jesus?" has been used over the past year and for the recognition it has received. One of our objectives was for the video to be used in outreach by individuals and Churches. As a result thousands of homes have received copies in door to door outreach, many Churches have put on special evenings to show the video. Literally hundreds of thousands of children have seen the video in their schools. But we don't want it to stop here, now the Millennium year is over. We believe this is only the beginning and we are looking at ways in which the video can be further applied. Special versions have been produced for specific audiences at little cost. We are also looking to make more programmes which can be used in this way.