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The Incomparable Christ

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .


For over half a century John Stott has been an ambassador for Christ in londaon's West End as successively Curate, Rector and Rector Emeritus; as Chaplain to the Queen; as President of organisations such as Scripture Union, TEAR Fund and UCCF and the London Institute and as one of the most prolific Christian authors of the century. He has travelled the world, ministering specially to pastors and students, faithfully proclaiming the fact and implications that Jesus is Lord.

CTA are privileged to be able to film and make the London Lectures 2000 available on Video. Some scholors today argue that we cannot know the original Jesus and that in any case the Gospels and Epistles contain contradictions. In this Millennial series of lectures John Stott will evaluate the Jesus both of the New Testament and of church history.

"Which Jesus are we talking about?" he asks in one of his publications:

Even Paul in his day recognised the possibility of teachers proclaiming 'another Jesus' than the Jesus he preached. And there are many Jesuses abroad today. There is Jesus the Bultmannian myth and Jesus the revolutionary firebrand, Jesus the failed superstar and Jesus the circus clown. It is over against these human interpretations that we need urgently to recover the authentic Jesus, the Jesus of history who is the Jesus of Scripture.

The four lectures are presented on four videos:

1. The Original Jesus - How the New Testament witness to him The new Testament has a rich diversity of author, background, content and emphasis. Nevertheless, as this survey of the Gospels and Letters will show, the variouswriters are at one in the clear picture of Jesus they present.

2. The Eccesiastical Jesus - How the Church has presented him. Paul wrote of false teachers who proclaimed 'another Jesus', and in every generation the Church has portrayed him differently, with varying degrees of accuracy. Its portrait has often been a reflection of its own image. Can we avoid the opposite extremes of accommodation and irrelevance?

3. The influential Jesus - How he inspired his followers. The history of the Church illustrates how Jesus motivated people. In many cases it has been a particular aspect of his life, ministry or teaching which has influenced them.

4. The Eternal Jesus - How he challenges us today. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and for ever. The original Jesus is also our contemporary, and will continue to be to every generation. He confronts us in a decisive way. This lecture will look at the many ways he is presented in the Book of Revelation and asks how we should respond to him today.

The incomparable Christ set of 4 videos £45 or £15 per video