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New Series: Book By Book

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Following the success of Open Home Open Bible, we have started a new series entitled Book By Book. The concept is to follow the same popular formula a Open Home but concentrate on specific Books of the Bible rather than Topics. Rather than waiting until a series is produced, we will be releasing the programmes as each study is complete along with individual study guides.

Once again the series will be hosted by Richard Bewes and Paul Blackham. Special guests will be invited to discuss their favourite books of the Bible.

Anne Graham LotzGenesis featuring Anne Graham Lotz

The first in the series has already been filmed and is a study on Genesis with Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Dr Billy Graham with her own world-wide Bible teaching ministry. Anne's programmes in the Open Home Open Bible series, have been very well recieved and she was very keen to take part in Book By Book. She is an authority on the book of Genesis and has written a book on it entitled "God's Story".

Don Carson1 Peter featuring Don Carson

Next up is Professor Don Carson, who also featured in the first series. We are priviledged to film a series of studies on Ephesians when he visits the country in April. He is an active guest lecturer in academic and church settings around the world.

Our aim is to have these programmes available in time for the Christian resources Exhibition in May, where we will also be filming more in the series.