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Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Richard BewesIf you haven't yet seen any of the OPEN HOME OPEN BIBLE study programmes - where have you been? We are excited by the way the studies are being recieved and used in home groups as well as for introducing new believers to the thrill of discovering what the Bible says.

The series is hosted by theologian, author and Rector of ALL Souls, Langham Place, London, Richard Bewes. Here is what he had to say about the way the programmes are being recieved:

It's thrilling to know of growing numbers of churches in the UK who are using the video's and manuals from OPEN HOME OPEN BIBLE! I was so encouraged by a baptist pastor who came to see me the other day - just to enthuse about the impact the series was having on his own fellowship. My co-host, Paul Blackham, tells me of some new UK churches that have taken place in people's homes. And Pam Glover, who is in charge of our resources office at All Souls Church, recieves feedback about how the video's and manuals are being used in very far-flung places.

Open Home Open Bible Video'sOnly today, as I write, we have recieved a beautiful thank-you letterfrom a church in Nigeria which now owns a complete set of the OHOB material. We got a terrific Christmas card from New Zealand, with signatures and vibrant comments from some fifteen members of a house group. A church in Melbourne features the programmes every Sunday night during its main evening service. In the USA, Ken Curtis of Vision Videos has made the OHOB material available in NTSC format under the title of The Essential Bible Truth Treasury, and there are plans to feature the programmes on a TV station.

It was an American pastor in Sioux Falls, who came to see us in London and said, "In our church we put on a weekly seminar for the course, numbering seventy delegates - all of whom have their own manual. I had to come and see you!"

We now have new friends in Wales...Ghana...Scotland...Dubai! Thank you, CTA for helping it all to happen!