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Under the Wing of MAF

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

In total contrast to the recent trip to Israel, was one Crawford Telfer and Clive Langmead made earlier last October to East Africa. Crawford takes up the story:

We had a crew of 6 in Israel, with over £500 of excess baggage - but only two of us went to Tanzania and Kenya with a tiny digital camera for another video for Mission Aviation Fellowship. With lots and lots of flying in very small aircraft, and hours of long interviews to record - the latest video technology turned what could have been a technical nightmare into a very pleasant experience.

The video is aimed at those thinking of joining MAF - from pilots and engineers to administrators, accountants and most important - the wives. The idea is to present a very frank account of life with MAF so that those joining are better prepared for the joys and sorrows, the frustrations and surprises, that await them. Everyone interviewed was encouraged to be completely honest - especially about the hard parts, of which there are many. It was good to see a missionary organisation being prepared to tell it like it really is - even when it means the weaknesses and failures of an organisation itself being exposed. Oh that more of us in Christian service had the same courage - it could save a lot of heartbreak and disillusionment.

We filmed MAF personel from the southern tip of Tanzania to the northernmost part of Kenya. There MAF is involved in bringing aid to refugees across the border in Sudan where fighting has continued for many years. The video is not for general release, but material was filmed for a new version of the popular `Wings of Love' that CTA made for MAF some years ago. Editing is now in progress.