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"So, who is this Jesus?"

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

CTA's award winning video continues to be greatly used - far beyond our hopes and expectations. The programme has now been viewed by literally millions of people in this country and around the World.

Thousands of school children continue to see the programme - as we heard from Karen Underwood, Director of cre8.ed ( created Resources in Education formerly JC2000 ) " Schools use 'So, who is this Jesus?' as a regular resource to the teaching curriculum - it's exciting to have a video about the life of Jesus that is stimulating and thought provoking, presented in a culturally relevant way. Development of spirituality comes through stimulating the imagination, which the programme does so well. It also has a 'shelf-life' which means it will be used for many years to come."


We are really pleased to say that a magazine is now available to be used in conjuction with the video.

The magazine contains Luke's Gospel in the contempary English version. It has an introduction by athlete Jonathan Edwards, Olympic and World Champion triple-jumper as well as quotes, testimonies and explanations. It concludes with an explanation of the Gospel and, for those who want to find out more about becoming a follower of Jesus, there is a response card to send off by freepost which will be followed up by the Christian Enquiry Agency.

Jonathan Edwards

2002 is the year of the Commomwealth Games in Manchester. One British athlete will have more publicity than any other - Jonathan Edwards, as the Commonwealth title is the only major championship he has yet to win! to add to his Olympic and World Championship Gold medals.

With this in mind we have produced a special version of "So, who is this Jesus?" introduced by Jonathan. With footage of his record breaking jumps, he explains despite his fantastic athletic achievements the most important thing in his life is his faith in Jesus Christ.

We hope that Christians will take the opportunity to use this version to explain what makes Jonathan 'tick' during the time of the Games when there will be so much interest in athletics.