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Here we go, Here we go, Here we go!

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

The CTA is very excited to be part of a new production which will literally go round the world. The football World Cup arrives in June, and Athletes in Action with Christians in Sport have produced a video ( filmed by CTA ) featuring world class Christian footballers from many different countries, for use in outreach around the event and beyond.

Already filming has taken place in Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Poland and Germany. And some adventures have been had. A CTA crew landed at Warsaw to film Polish international Marek Citko. However half of the technical equipment was left behind in frankfurt - along with 2000 lost bags from the US. We did have a camera, tripod, one tape and one battery - enough for 30 minute's filming. But no microphone!

As we drove up to the stadium to meet our subject - we noticed a radio station where a very trusting engineer loaned us his microphone, enabaling us to record a full interview - more than enough for the programme. Next day we returned to Germany to film 3 footballers. But with no batteries, no tape, no lights, and now no microphone ( we had to return it to our Polish friend ) - it seemed our trip was to be in vain. However a Christian TV station - ERF - just 'happened' to be enroute to our filming location. So a quick visit to our German friends there ( with whom we have worked in the past ) meant we had a plentiful supply of tape, batteries, microphones and lights to film our interviews.

And yes - you guessed it - the missing luggage turned up at our hotel the day we were due to fly home! Thanks Lufthansa - not !

The final product is called The Ultimate Goal

The Ultimate Goal

It combines spectacular football action with world class players talking about their career, their dreams and disapointments, about motivation and their own ultimate goal.

For the players featured on this video, a career in football has been a dream come true but the ultimate goal for them is something that will continue to give them purpose and fulfilment beyond the final whistle.