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Mission Europe

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Over the past few years, there has been a noticeble change in the locations of the missionary documentaries the CTA has made. it seems long haul flights to Africa, S. America and the Far East has given way to; it has to be said, more welcome short haul flights into Europe. This reflects a change in the emphasis of mission these days as Europe is now regarded as the New Dark Continent.

Many mission organisations are putting more resources into taking the Gospel to our European neighbours. Such is the case with UFM Worldwide, one of our longest standing clients. Peter Anderson and Crawford Telfer recently filmed in Hungary and the west of Ireland for a programme presenting the challenge of developing churches in both countries.

Hungary and Ireland have similar histories as far as religion is concerned. Both were strongly Roman Catholic, and are now strongly materialistic, spurred on by booming economies and membership of the EU. Reaching people who have already had a 'dose of religion' can be far harder than those who've had none. Both Ireland and Hungary have had good reason to distrust the 'church' because of the corruption and hypocrisy within it.

The challenge for today's missionaries is to live a lifestyle that gives God a good name. That means living with the people and being open to their scrutiny and hopefully as a result, having opportunity to share their faith in a relevant way. A lesson here for us all maybe? The video is now called 'Mission Europe' and runs for 20 minutes.