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Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Not since the Cuban Missile Crisis in the 60's have we in the west been so conscious of our vulnerability and nearness to disaster. None of us can foretell what will happen next: Economic meltdown? War in the Middle East? Oil supplies cutoff? Biological terror attacks? - We just don't know. But there is one thing we do know - whatever is round the corner, God will be with us - a very present help in trouble.

But try getting that message, which our nation desperately needs to hear, onto our TV screens and into our newspapers - well you might as well try and fly to Pluto. While the media broadcasts fear and despair, we need more than ever to hear what God has to say. And his words are not just for us in the West, but for those in the Middle East, for Muslims and those other faiths - or no faith.

Those of you who have supported the CTA for many years now, will know that this is the work God has given us - to proclaim His word ( in all the many ways that can be done) via the medium of video, and satellite television. We recently were given an estimate that over 20 million people in former communist countries have watched just one of the several CTA programmes dubbed into their own language. Millions of Muslims in the Middle East have also seen our programmes via the satellite broadcasts of Miracle channel in Norway and SAT 7 in Cyprus. Many thousands are using our "So Who Is This Jesus?" video in the UK, USA, Taiwan and Australia. When the CTA began it never entered our wildest imagination that our programmes would reach such huge audiences - more even than the BBC or ITV culd reach.

As the security we have long taken for granted is threatened, people are becoming more open and willing to hearing what God has to say. There is anecdotal evidence for an increase in church attendance. This generation of Christians have probably never had such an opportunity for sharing the "reason for our hope" - let's not mess it up, but make the message clear - God id in control, and nothing - not even death, can separate us from his love shown through His Son Jesus Christ.

"God is our refuge and strength a very present help in trouble - therefore we will not fear". Psalm 46