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Gold Awards

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Christians and Depression

By the time you read this we hope to be well into producing a new series of talks on "Christian and Depression". These are being recorded before a live audience and feature the broadcaster and writer Dr John Lockley. based on his book " A Practical Workbook for the Depressed Christian" we expect the video series to meet a much felt need for this kind of material. The series will also feature stories of Christians - some well known - who have experienced this condition which sadly has been so ignored by the church.

Bartholomew - 13 years on!

Thirteen years ago the CTA produced a video called "Bartholomew - a Gift from God?" It told the story of young Bartholomew Gee who has arthrogryposis - a rare condition affecting the joints and muscles. It was aired twice on the BBC and produced considerable response. Bartholomew is now 20 and we are currently filming a sequel which we trust will have as much impact as the first programme did.

Gold Awards

The Christian Broadcasting Council of Great Britain has awarded three of our productions in their 2002 film festival. "The Laughter Makers" won the gold award for "best Christian video". "No Mercy?" also won the gold award for "best satellite programme" and one of the four programmes in the series "The London Lectures" with Dr John Stott received the bronze for "best teaching video". While we don't make programmes for the awards - they do come as great encouragement to us, especially as they have been recognized by fellow producers. They are also a spur to aim for the best quality in all that we do which we believe is honouring to the lord.