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Answers to Prayer...

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

It's always good to receive letters from individuals on how they are using our programmes. Here is news of more answers to prayer...

In the last newsletter you mentioned that we had given out two ( So, who is this Jesus? ) videos, that had been watched by six people. Three are now "born again" and two attended our church from time to time.

We also gave "No Mercy" and "Father's Love Letter" to two young men who had made commitments but were not following through. My Husband had the pleasure of baptising them in July, seeing them attend church regularly and of learning their Mum to the Lord the day after the Baptisms. Their siblings also began attending Sunday School. They are gypsies and have travelled on but we understand they are still in fellowship.

We have also reports of people who have been either back slidden or in troubles, having been given a "Fathers Love Letter" returning to full fellowship and feeling God's love for them. We have sent "So who is this Jesus?" to Calvary Chapel in St Petersburg, Russia, and they are using them for outreach among the Russians and have enquired as to whether we can send them in Russian Language! Two have gone to a house for people with learning difficulties. All the residents and staff were going to watch it last Sunday and we are still awaiting their comments.

Many videos have gone out on the estate where we are at present planting a church. All received favourably. We're praying for fruit!