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"So, who is this Jesus?"

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .


The Jesus Film is a worldwide phenomenon. Here in the UK, with the help of hundreds of churches, Agape has developed the Jesus Video Project into a tried and tested way of making it possible for the occupants of every home in the UK to have an opportunity to see the story of Jesus for themselves. During the last 3 years, over 20,000 Christians from 2,000 UK churches have played their part in distributing 650,000 videos door-to-door across the country using this strategy. Agape has now approached CTA to ask them if they can add 'So Who is This Jesus?" to the project "tool kit" on offer to churches

So, why this new development? John Arkell, the Jesus Video Project's UK Director, told us, "We have been recommending 'So Who is This Jesus?' for some time as a follow-on resource for those who have already watched the Jesus video, but it is such a good introduction to Jesus and his message, that we think many churches will find it to be an excellent alternative to using the Jesus video in a major community-wide distribution venture. The video project strategy of enabling churches to offer everyone in their community the Story of Jesus - should never be limited to one tool. What's important is the four-step process - informing homes about the video offer, making the offer, taking the viewers survey and providing an opportunity for viewers to find out more."

This four-step approach works as follows: A hand-addressed envelope making the free video offer, is put through the letter box of every home to be contacted. Two days later, two visitors from the local church or churches call to offer the video. For those that accept, the visitors return a week later with a survey to discover what the viewer thought of the video and offer them a free copy of a quality colour magazine containing Luke's gospel, stories of those whose life has been changed by Jesus, and answers to many common questions about him. This magazine is available with either a 'Jesus video' cover or a 'So who is this Jesus?' cover. Finally the visitors invite interested viewers to come to a special event to enjoy some food or refreshments, meet other curious viewers and some of the Christians behind the distribution, and discover how they can join a course or discussion group if they are interested to find out more. For those unable to leave their home, visitors can simply return for further personal conversations about the gospel.

In association with CTA, Agape has put together a package of back-up resources to enable any church to use 'So Who is this Jesus?' videos at specially subsidised rates for churches committed to using the four-step approach mentioned above. Agape consultant Tim Mayler reports, "A recent pilot project in Devon produced a better than 1 in 3 uptake. We are so encouraged. One very reluctant visitor surprised herself by giving out 9 copies in one evening!"

Another church, in Essex, had a "tremendous success" using 'So Who is this Jesus?" in this way. "It was an experience everyone enjoyed, which in turn has instilled confidence and a desire to involve ourselves further in outreach. The potential is enormous...as an ongoing outreach project."

If you would like to evaluate the possibility of church taking part in a project, contact Agape, who will give you all the information you need. Tel: 0121 765 4404 or email jvp@agape.org.uk