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Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Huge response to National Press offer!

The offer of a copy of CTA's "So who is this Jesus?" video in the national press has resulted in hundreds of people discovering the story of Jesus. Last Easter, through an advert in the Daily Mail and Daily Telegraph, the video's presenter Russell Boulter invited readers to send for a free copy of this award winning video. Nearly 900 people responded to the media campaign, which was organised by the Christian Enquiry Agency (CEA) and funded by a Christian trust.

"The response was fantastic," said Jeff Bonser, CEA Director," and we were delighted to be able to offer such a high quality video which presents the remarkable life of Jesus in such an engaging and thought-provoking way." Everyone who requested the video was invited by CEA to come back with comments and questions, and were offered contact with local churches or details of local follow-up courses.

Nearly three out of ten people who requested the video contacted CEA a second time asking for further help or commenting on the video. "I really enjoyed it. It was inspiring and brought out the true feeling of Jesus as a person. I used to be a regular churchgoer but it seemed to lack relevance. I am now trying to re-evaluate my beliefs," said one person. "The video was very stimulating and I played it three or four times......I would like to follow such a man," said another.

Having seen the video, many said they were using it with others, including teaching children: "I have used the video with Year 7 pupils in the unit of RE work 'Good News for Christians'. It is very clear and pupil friendly, promoting a good level of discussion." And with adults: "Very good introductory video. I am teaching adult converts and I will find this a good teaching aid to the many enquiries we receive. Thank you." Others wrote to say they have shown the video to friends and neighbours.

Most successful ever!

This press campaign was the most successful ever for Christian Enquiry Agency, which is developing new opportunities for people to enquire about Jesus Christ. The level of enquiries this year is expected to top 3000.

For more information see www.christianity.org.uk or telephone 020 7387 3659.