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Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

I have been many times to the Island which the UK finds its home. I enjoy when I am there the apparent distance from the rest of the world. It somehow helps me to feel that I am truly getting away from it all.

The truth is however that the English Channel does a poor job of separating the island from the rest of the world, and this turns out in the case of CTA to be a very good thing indeed.

I am myself a bit of a strange bird being an American who has lived in Germany since 1985. Maybe this had something to do with my initial attraction to CTA(!)

As director of the New Life Network, which has as its goal the placement of Christian programming into secular markets around the world, I am always looking for programmes that fit this bill. We have been most fortunate to find exactly such a partner with CTA.

The New Life Network carries 12 of CTA's programmes internationally. We have been able to place a large variety of titles onto TV stations around the world and to make them available in multiple languages. (For example, "The Moon and Beyond" is available in English, Hungarian, Mandarin, Polish and Russian.) This is a pretty good return on the initial investment made in the programmes' production as measured by reach.

Our prayer is that we will have many new programmes from CTA to make available to the world. Demand is high and supply is low. We are therefore most happy to have a strategic partnership with CTA which we can only hope will multiply in the future!