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Where have all our programmes gone?...

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Perhaps the most significant development in the CTA in recent years has been the huge increase in the distribution of our programmes - not just in the UK but around the world. More people than ever before are watching CTA productions and being encouraged and challenged to think about Jesus in a fresh way.

When we first started making programmes way back in the mid 80's the audience for them was tiny. Video was new and most churches hadn't yet realised the effectiveness of the medium for spreading the Gospel. It could have been discouraging - so much work being poured into so many programmes for so few. Yet in those years we carried on because this was a task God had given to the CTA - we did our best to be faithful.

There was clearly a need, and still is, to make good quality programmes. But what was the point if only a handful of people ever got to see them? Maybe God was preparing us for such a time as this - with the advent of digital technology and satellite television. Now the CTA and our programmes are more widely known than we had even dreamed of. And nothing is wasted - many of these early programmes are being seen today by countless more people than when they were originally made. It seems that there is a greater need than ever for the "Good News for the small screen".

We give thanks to God for the privilege of being involved in this ministry and the way in which our programmes are being used. We give thanks to Him for you and for the important part you play in supporting what we do and sharing our videos with others.

This issue of CTA News is devoted to where our programmes have gone, and the lives that have been touched for ever by them. We pray that you too will be blessed and encouraged by what you read and will feel part of what God is doing through your support.

....making a difference in people's lives

Like a lady in her 80's from leicester who sent us these comments after viewing 'Open Home: Open Bible'!

"As an elderly Christian, increasingly limited in opportunities of corporate worship and fellowship, I am greatly appreciating the discussions which Richard Bewes leads with his assistant and invited guest. Having the scriptures opened up by three people, each able to contribute out of their own deep biblical knowledge is stimulating me to further Bible study. I feel as though I have been involved after each 15 minute session, and being led into a closer encounter with the God of love and justice. Not only is it deepening my concept of Christ's love for me, but giving me better understanding of the purpose of God for His Kingdom."

For feedback about 'Open Home: Open Bible' use this link.

Then there was this letter we received from a grateful grandmother who sent us a copy of a letter her grandson sent to God after watching the football video 'Ultimate Goal'