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Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Modern Missionary

The world of modern mission has been very much impacted by a mere handful of key people God has used. Among them is Anthony Norris Groves - and if you have heard of him it's because either you have a Brethren background, or have studied modern missiology. Echoes of Service commissioned CTA to produce a new video about this unsung pioneer to coincide with publication of a new book about him by biographer Rob Dann. The video is released this Autumn.


'Mission' features prominently in CTA's current production schedule with UFM sending CTA to Spain for a new video about its work there.

'Bartholomew - a Gift from God'

Remember 'Bartholomew - a Gift from God' way back 14 years ago? Bartholomew is now 21 and we hope to complete a sequel to the original programme, which was shown on BBC, this Autumn.