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News from India

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

On a recent trip to a conference in the States I met with a brother from India. For some time we have been praying about getting our programmes into that country. It's virtually impossible for missionaries to get permission to work there, so we need to work through and encourage the local church, writes CTA Executive Director Malcolm Turner.

I received this unedited report from him:

"It was God's plan and purpose that I had to meet you and share about our Ministries. I felt the God's presence and guidance during our discussion, I am grateful to God for the time we spent at ICVM"

The video cassettes provided by you are of a great source for use for our Evangelism. Some of the Cassettes have been mailed to different House Churches Bible study groups. Within a month's time we will be receiving the report.

Petra Communication Service is a Media Organisation, registered with the Government and Governed by the five committed Christian Board of Governors. Our aim is to reach the un-reached through media. Production of film is very expensive. We dub the films in Indian languages. So far we have dubbed three films in Telugu (which is spoken by 6,000,000 people). It costs around US$ 1000 to dub one video film.

We have six village evangelists ministering in 60 villages. Each Evangelist is allotted 10 surrounding villages for Evangelism. We have around 30 House Churches in different parts of the State, where they use video cassettes for Bible studies and for Evangelism. We are using video cassettes in English in the areas where people can speak and understand English. Some of the house groups are not functioning, as we do not have cassettes in Indian languages. The urgent need is to dub the cassettes in Indian Languages.

We have established 18 village Churches. We have one Church for 75 families of leprosy victims. One of our evangelists is taking care of their spiritual needs. These leprosy victims can't read or write and most of the village people can't read or write. We started adult education program for the illiterate people. We are supporting 75 Children for their education; around 35 children are from leprosy colony. It costs around US$ 50.00 per child, per year. There are thousands of children who are in need of education support.

We conduct medical camps once in four months at villages and provide them with free medicine. We need your prayers, encouragement and support.

Just before going to press I received this e-mail:

"Thanks a million for your cassettes. On Friday I called 14 people for the Video Bible study, we started our Bible study at 7.00 pm. We were watching Psalms 20 it went on till 11.00 in the night. The greatest thing, one couple who attended the Bible study committed their lives to the Lord. I thank the Lord for enabling me to meet you at ICVM"