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World Mission starts here!

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

It's encouraging to hear news of how Christianity is flourishing in many parts of the developing world. In many countries we visit we hear of Church growth; many we have contact with are hungry to receive and distribute our programmes. But our most difficult field is right here on our doorstep, where the Church is withering

Today, only around 7.5 per cent of British people go to church once a month or more. That could be viewed as a very discouraging statistic. On the other hand it could be viewed as an opportunity and challenge. Imagine if that number of people in the community were really living the Christian life, what an impact we could have on society.

Our Lord's command is to 'make disciples' - it's interesting how in recent years CTA has been led to produce programmes designed to teach new believers the basics of our faith, with our "Open Home Open Bible" series. Our new "Book by Book" series is designed to give people an overview of various books of the Bible and to get them exited about reading the scriptures, and bring them alive. To resource believers with good outreach programmes to help them share their faith - like "So, who is this Jesus?"

We are tremendously encouraged by the way these programmes are being received, but we also experience that we are in this country, as well as other parts of the world. I recently heard one preacher describe the church in this country as being more like a social club, whereas the real need was for the church to be like a hospital tending and caring for those injured and hurt in the battle of daily Christian living. One major issue we deal with in a new series is that of depression, the church being the sector of society with the greatest number of those suffering from depression.

We very much value and need your prayer support, that the Lord would give us wisdom and resources needed to produce programmes which build up the church, make disciples, and videos which will touch the hearts of those who as yet have not heard the great news of Jesus Christ.