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Spain - A New Day Dawning

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

'Spain - Land of Need' came first, then we there was 'Spain - a Forgotten Harvest?' now the latest release is 'Spain - A New Day Dawning'. This is the latest CTA production for UFM Worldwide.

Traditionally Spain has been one of the toughest countries for missionaries. Evangelical Christians are suspected of being members of a cult, and they are very few in number. Why? According to the Director of FIEDE - the Federation of Independent Evangelical Churches in Spain, the Reformation which transformed Europe practically went unnoticed in Spain. The message of salvation by grace alone was never heard as widely as it was in the rest of Europe. That is until very recent times.

Now the gospel can be heard regularly on national TV, and there is no prohibition against preaching the gospel. (In fact they have more religious freedom than the UK). There are still the old suspicions especially in rural areas, but they are fading. Instead a new day is dawning - a day of unprecedented opportunity. The video follows a number of UFM missionaries as they help the national church make the most of these opportunities.