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And who is this Anthony Norris Groves?

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Unless you have a Brethren background, you probably won't know. Yet this one time dentist probably did more to transform the world of mission more than any one else at the time. He was also instrumental at the birth of the Brethren movement. Amazingly he is hardly recognised today - something the CTA's latest video produced for Echoes of Service seeks to rectify

The half-hour video is a mix of period drama, and contributions from experts on mission such as Patrick Johnstone and George Verwer.

The message that comes across clearly is one the church needs to hear again - one of simple trust in God to supply all that's needed to fulfil His call. That was Grove's experience, and his Biblical teaching spawned a generation of pioneers such as Hudson Taylor and George Muller.

'Anthony Norris Groves - the Quiet Trailblazer' will soon be available from Echoes of Service and CTA.