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Book By Book - The next chapter

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

The latest in the 'Book by Book' series is now available - a terrific study on the book of John, with Richard Bewes and Paul Blackham and special guest Anne Graham Lotz, daughter of Dr Billy Graham.

The series continues, filming took place recently - not at our usual location of All Souls Church though. Next door to the church is the BBC's Broadcasting House - home of Radios One, Two, Three and Four. Right now they are in the middle of a massive building project with the inevitable upheaval, and noise a bigger problem. You just can't concentrate on Bible Study with machinery booming away in the background.

So the one time employer of our Programme Director very kindly booked a full broadcast TV studio for us, and covered the cost including a set we had to hire. Once recording began, we completed the six programmes on 1 Thessalonians in record time, thanks to the lack of disturbance which always accompanies location filming.

Special guest this time was Rico Tice, from All Souls, well known for his course that introduces people to Christianity "Christianity Explored."