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UCB Launch

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

"Fantastic, Wonderful, What More Can I Say…"

United Christian Broadcasters (UCB) have officially launched UCB TV, something we have been praying about for years - an opportunity to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ through television.

Test transmissions have been broadcast since 1st December 2003, using CTA's "Book by Book" series and "So who is this Jesus?" The response has been incredible considering to date there has been no advance publicity or viewer information given out. Here are just a few of the responses received:

"The two programmes which I have particularly enjoyed and gained so much from are 'Who is this Jesus' and the bible study of the book of Genesis. I have struggled with Genesis but your programme made it come alive and made everything fit into place. Fantastic, wonderful, what more can I say except please can we have more of the same."

"I am a Pastor of a church, very much waiting upon the Lord for his future direction and my wife and I have been blessed and encouraged by this relaxed but in-depth biblical teaching."

"We are delighted to see the Books of the Bible as shown on UCB TV. We have seen the discussions on Genesis and Exodus and we have been helped tremendously with these books as you have discussed them. Thank you so much for doing these courses."

UCB TV can be seen on the Astra digital satellite platform throughout the UK and Ireland on Channel 677. Much of the programming has never been seen on UK Christian television before. John Green, UCB's TV Broadcasting Manager, expands on this:

"Christian television throughout Europe has tended to be saturated with programming drawn from a narrow denominational base. Some evangelical churches have been unable to present the gospel as they would like, others have waited until the right platform arrived, one they could align themselves with. UCB TV is that platform, a Christian television station thoroughly committed to reaching the people of the UK and Ireland with the gospel message."