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CTA Launches New Web Site

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

This is a general site which gives the background to CTA. In addition there are news pages and information on our work with Missions. A special page gives information about production. All CTA productions are listed with a separate page and illustrations on each video. Videos can be purchased direct through the internet.

Access can also bq gained to the Library with every programme contained listed according to the catalogue categories. Programmes are categorised under separate headings.


This is a special site set up to give more information about "So, who is this Jesus?"

It gives background to how the video was made with a diary of events. A special feature is a gallery of pictures of the shoot which can be downloaded. This is particularly useful for the press requiring picture stories.

The site also, gives background information on CTA with a link to our general site.


Special thanks go to Tim Clark and his team at Ziontech Solutions who designed and set up our website and did such a superb job.

If anyone would like to find out more about them they can be contacted on 08700 052026 and their web site is www.zion.co.uk