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The Man Who Prayed

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

‘The Man Who Prayed’ is the working title for our latest production which is at the scripting stage. George Muller founded the world famous orphanages in Bristol in the mid 19th century. In his lifetime he provided welfare and homes for over 2,000 orphans, and built 5 huge homes which are still in use today as educational establishments. But the truly amazing thing is that he raised the equivalent of £100 million – not by fundraising, but by prayer, and prayer alone.

Muller wanted to show the Christians of his day that God was able to provide for all our needs, relying on prayer alone. He also wanted to provide physical evidence for unbelievers, that God is real. His story has encouraged Christians right down through the years – Charles Dickens wrote of his orphanages in glowing terms. It’s our desire that this programme will be a challenge and encouragement to Christians of today. We also want to produce it in a way that will challenge the hearts of those who have not yet made any Christian commitment.

The script is being written with invaluable input from Roger Steer whose biography; ‘George Muller – Delighted in God’ has been in steady publication for 30 years – a rare achievement even for today’s blockbusters.

CTA is ideally situated to make the one hour docu/drama. We are right where Muller based his world famous work. We also have excellent contacts in Germany where parts of the film will be shot. This is a very ambitious project, and we are conscious that we need God’s help with planning, finding locations, selecting actors and all the other aspects of film making. But given the wonderfully inspiring subject matter – we are greatly encouraged and already there is a huge amount of interest in it.

To raise the finance for such a project will also be a challenge, our biggest undertaking to date. But how can we not trust God for finance in making such a production?