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Bartholomew's Gift

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

The sequel to ‘Bartholomew – a Gift from God’ is now out. We are pleased to say it won the gold award for Best Christian video in the documentary/ factual category at the annual Christian Broadcasting Council’s conference.

It has already been shown on UCB Television a number of times (as have many of our programmes). It tells the story of Bartholomew Gee who is now 21, and has Arthrogryposis which is a condition caused by the failure of muscles and joints to develop normally in the womb.

Using footage from when Bartholomew was 8, and recently shot material, the video gives a moving account of his progress over the years – and how his amazing gift for music has developed. Bartholomew’s family also feature – and the video will be a tremendous encouragement for those with friends or family who are in a similar situation.

The original programme was shown several times on BBC TV and has been one of our best selling programmes. Early indications show that this sequel will be just as well used. Already there is a huge amount of interest around the world. It’s now available on DVD as well as video.

Our best selling video – ‘So who is this Jesus?’ is already available on DVD with the addition of many extras – The Trinity Vision catalogue now has a huge selection of films now available on DVD.