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"The Bible Is Winning"

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

“In many parts of the world today, the Bible is winning! …It is only because a significant number of Christian people are determined enough to open and study their Bibles together, that the hunger for God is intensifying once again in country after country,” says Richard Bewes. Dr Paul Blackham stated “Thousands of small groups are starting all over the world – but what is going to sustain them? Only the Bible!”

This is why we at CTA are committed to producing more in our, already successful, ‘Book by Book’ series, and are pleased to announce a number of new titles now available with more exciting editions already filmed and which will be released later in the year.


The formula is simple and remains the same, with the objective of helping viewers to study the Bible for themselves at a greater depth. Each programme is hosted by internationally known pastor, author and broadcaster, Richard Bewes (Rector of All Souls Church, London from 1983 – 2004) and brilliant young theologian, Dr Paul Blackham. Renowned guest teachers from different parts of the world join them to provide insights to their favourite books of the Bible.

Programmes filmed since our last edition of CTA News are 2 Timothy with Vaughan Roberts, vicar of St Ebbes Church, Oxford; Joshua with Sami Dagher, from the Lebanon with an incredible ministry in the Middle East, including Iraq; Esther with Ruth Chan, former missionary, and of course Philippians with Joni Eareckson-Tada.

The spoken content is the dominant theme throughout. The relaxed, simple presentation helps focus the viewer on the purpose of the content – to come to grips with what the Bible says and means. Modelling the importance of studying the word of God – the three participants group together around a coffee table, Bibles open, in an ‘eavesdropping’ format, which lends itself to non-confrontational viewing but adds to the environment of taking the Bible seriously.

“If someone had said to me that a Bible study would make good television, I would have said they were, quite frankly, nuts! However… now I am a dedicated fan” UCB TV viewer.

We are particularly excited about the impact the series is having being broadcast. The series is now going around the world on television. Who would have thought, not so long ago, that Bible Studies would be broadcast in Romania – but it will soon. Alfa Omega TV in Timisoara are currently working on the translation.

“There is no greater privilege than for any media ministry to present an expository teaching of the Word of the living God to hungry souls,” says John Green, Broadcasting Manager UCB TV. “For this reason I am thrilled to commend the Book by Book series of Bible teaching. I have never come across a better, more content focused presentation of God’s Word in audio/visual fashion in my 25 years of Christian media service.”


Have you got a DVD player yet? Now that they are so cheap they are fast becoming the most popular way to watch films and videos. There are many advantages too: better picture and audio quality, the addition of extra features, and they never wear out or get crunched up in the machine. The days of VHS are numbered as DVDs vastly outsell the tape based cassette that has served us for nigh on 30 years.

We have just taken delivery of new DVD duplication equipment thanks to the generosity (and foresight) of three of our supporters. So now Crawford is busy preparing our back catalogue of titles for release on DVD. We are transferring our most popular titles as a priority. Once the master discs are produced, we will be able to run off copies very speedily.

Our best selling video – ‘So who is this Jesus?’ is already available on DVD with the addition of many extras – The Trinity Vision catalogue now has a huge selection of films now available on DVD.