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Caring And Sharing

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

We are grateful there are so many of you out there who really care about this ministry. We have seen many television operations come and go, but by the grace of God we are still here and we give thanks to Him for our supporters who have stuck with us through thick and thin.

Over the years we have faced many financial challenges with no vast reserves to fall back on. Any income we receive is ploughed into making more programmes. Today, we are faced with more opportunities worldwide than we had ever imagined, but with those come the challenges.

Making programmes that maintain standards, keep up with technology and compete with secular quality is a costly business.

If we were able to cover our monthly running costs with regular supporter income, it would help us to produce more programmes and distribute them more effectively.

We are therefore seeking supporters who’d be willing to make a regular donation each month – a small regular amount will make a big difference to CTA. As you read this edition of CTA News, we hope you too will have captured the vision we share in reaching behind closed doors with the ‘Great News’ about Jesus and for the need to encourage and build up the Church at home and abroad.

To this end we would invite you to become a Share Supporter. With this copy of CTA News you should receive a Share Supporter leaflet to complete and send to us – or you can ring the office for more information.

As a token of our appreciation – we would like to send you a DVD copy of “So, who is this Jesus?” for your own use or for you to use as you see fit.

THANK YOU for caring and sharing in this ministry. For further information ring 01275 851222 or email info@cta.uk.com.