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Working in Partnership

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

From the early days of CTA one of our visions has been to seek ways of working in partnership with organisations, for the sake of the Gospel, to make best use of the resources for which we have responsibility. It’s wonderful to look back over the years to see the relationships and friendships that have arisen as a result.

We have been privileged to tell the story of amazing men and women of God in far-flung corners of the world, involving filming in over 50 countries. It’s so rewarding to work in partnership with those who share the vision for making these programmes available to the Church and individuals, which is why our partnership with International Films and Verité CM is so important. The exciting result is the extensive Trinity Vision catalogue which is included with this edition of CTA News.

For many years we have been praying for the doors to open in to broadcasting and we praise God for the partnership we have with UCB TV, providing the opportunity to reach an even wider audience with our programmes.

“When a television company looks for an Independent producer, they look for quality and dependability. Integrity and professionalism are also vitally important when producing good testimony of Christian character. When I think of CTA I could even add a few more important ones like affordability and friendliness as well,” says John Green, Broadcasting Manager UCB TV.

“As a Christian television manager who has worked in the field of broadcasting for 25 years in 3 countries, I would highly and unequivocally recommend the services of CTA to anyone wanting a quality piece of promotional material, documentary or other special project filmed. What you receive will be above your expectations, likely under your budget and will last for years to come.”