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"Go Into All The World"

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

Jesus’ last command to his disciples was that they should ‘go into all the world and preach the Gospel’ (Mark 16:15) It recently hit us that our programmes have been doing exactly that. There is an explosion of opportunities for CTA programmes to be broadcast by satellite – right around the world. In the history of the CTA – going back now for 25 years or so, this is the most exciting development ever!

For a while we were disappointed at the lack of openings in BBC, ITV, Channels 4 and Five. But now our programmes are reaching far wider audiences than all of these channels combined. To encourage you here’s where they are going:

  • UK based UCB Television, is broadcasting across Europe at least 10 of our documentaries, plus our series on Depression, ‘Book by Book’ and ‘Open Home Open Bible’ series – that’s a lot of television – and they want more!
  • ShineTV in Australia and New Zealand are broadcasting the same programmes, on secular networks.
  • SAT 7 in the Middle East has dubbed our earlier productions into Arabic for transmission to a huge Middle East audience – many millions!
  • Good TV based in Taiwan broadcast a Mandarin version of ‘So Who is This Jesus?’ right across mainland China last Christmas.
  • Alfa Omega Television in Romania have been broadcasting many of our programmes on secular stations – dubbed into their own language.
What thrills us is that many of these TV stations are watched by non-Christians.

In the USA, Faith Television Network already broadcasts ‘Book by Book’ ‘Open Home Open Bible’ and plans to show ‘Workshop for the Depressed Christian’ right across the country.

One of the most exciting developments is currently under way. It will mean CTA programmes being beamed to many millions on the Indian sub continent – in English, reaching the upper ruling classes. Other opportunities are opening up for us in Canada, South America and South Africa.


The Internet features too in our distribution. ‘On Demand’ means people can choose to download programmes onto their computers to watch when they want. Nearly all CTA’s programmes are being prepared for a Christian ‘on Demand’ company, which means that anyone, anywhere in the world, will have access to our productions.

What amazes us in the CTA is that despite being a very small organisation, we have been enabled to reach such huge potential audiences. Surely God has something to do with that!