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To the Highlands of Western Papua…

Posted on 13 Dec 2006 by .

On location in 1987When we first met John and Gloria Wilson, it was in the middle of the mountainous jungle in 1987. John was tapping away at a small laptop computer, powered by a solar charged battery. His translation work meant the establishing of a church among the Yali people of Western Papua. When we filmed him 20 years ago, there was real hunger and deprivation among these primitive tribes people. They lived in fear of evil spirits, influenced by superstition. Today the churches are full, the children are well fed and there is laughter in the community. The translation work has also preserved a language that may eventually have disappeared.

John and Gloria WilsonSitting on Arthur’s Seat and looking out over his native Edinburgh, John recalled those years, and his subsequent fight against intestinal cancer. The programme will make use of much of that early archive footage which was shot for an MAF documentary.

Both programmes will be available to buy on DVD as well as being broadcast on UCB.